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Experts and consultants’ data base


Based on the directives of the Regional Center for Educational Planning 2017-2021, this database was established to facilitate the processes and mechanisms of communication with experts, consultants and lecturers. This is based on the third strategic objective: to deepen the partnership with relevant institutions and organizations at the national, regional and international levels through the Partnerships’ initiative for Developing Education. This initiative aims to establish a network of strategic relationships and partnerships at the level of individuals and institutions to serve the purposes and objectives of the Center.
It is as follows:

1.The Network of Planners in the Arab Region, which is an electronic platform established with the offices of UNESCO and the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization. The goal is make an inventory of planners in the Arab region in preparation for getting to know them and to facilitate using their skills.

2.Database of specialized experts; which aims to build a database of experts in the field of planning, statistics and management leadership in coordination with the three approved centers namely; the Center for Human Resources and Planning and Management Center and the Regional Center for Educational Planning.

The database helps in carrying out research and educational studies in light of the needs of the GCC countries in cooperation and partnership with relevant regional and international organizations and institutions. This is done by attracting researchers for part-time tasks and utilizing them in conducting research and educational studies, which are planned for. The aim is to conduct such research, and support researchers and provide them with opportunities for improving their performance. Also provide consultations with the support of the technical bodies that require consultation in the field of planning, management and leadership.


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